This is the website of a young woman who does some things and wants to share some things she made or had a meaningful part in. She doesn’t have much listed at the moment, besides this site and some game jam products.

She can program somewhat decently, is a hobbyist at best web developer (example of her work around you). Just some web presence and endorsement here.

Just a random Coloradan programmer.

 We do develop web sites and games on a contract basis.

For Websites we aim to help small companies or start-ups, or just people who want a site for something. Small scale sites can typically be made in a few days or at worst within a week. Services include providing hosting, domain name registration, and email.

 We are also willing to help make games for individuals or companies that are willing to pay for our services. Our personal history is in the mobile field, particularly Android, but we also have experience with console and PC development.  

Please contact us for further information.

Contract Work

Welcome to FemtoKitten Games

Games made at Global Game Jams or other Jams:

You can find the ones Brittany Holmes Worked on here. They range from an exploration of a world you crash landed on, to an exploration of the human mind.

All completed, various platforms

Game Jam Games