Born in 1994, and is currently bouncing around in Denver, Colorado.

Her first job (at 15) was as an intern at Fort Lewis College’s Physics Department, mostly sorting transistors and helping out with LabView.

She graduated from Green Mountain High School with honors in the categories of Architectural Engineering, Computer Technologies, Physiology, and Global Communications and E-Media. 2nd place Science Olympiad Front Range regional winner for Fermi Estimation problems.

Winner of Colorado’s National Women in Information Technology Aspirations Award, Runner Up Nationally for the same award.

Took two years of Computer Science at UC Denver, she left school due to health concerns.

Worked with DreamQuest Games, would’ve worked for Zebra Lightning if her computer didn’t die shortly after her introduction to the studio. Looked forward to being a developer on Vineyard Valley, the KICKSTARTER for that project failed however. She then tried to make her own project, made this site and all, and ran out of funds before it could be completed. The period of difficulty after that point kinda burned her out on game development. She’s currently interested in being involved with the wonderful art again.

 Participant in Global Game Jam from 2012 to 2015. Participant in Asylum Jam 2013.

She was a developer for these launched titles:
Championship Chess [PC] (Programmer, QA)
Championship Checkers [Android/PC] (Programmer, QA)

Web Development and Design is a small hobby of hers, but nothing too special from what you can see here. She has done IT and Data entry work for Mammoth Mountain Chalets in California.

A programmer with 10 years of experience making games, 2 in a professional capacity. She has developed (Largely student/hobbiest) games for the following the platforms:

She has experience in

She’s more than willing to take up any work you’re willing to offer her at this time

Brittany Holmes

If you desire to contact her: