FemtoKitten Games is a small game developer and web design company in Denver, Colorado, USA.

Started in 2013 by Brittany Lynn Holmes for the purpose of letting her release small projects for free and full-size games for the purpose of paying for medical bills, she has since been working part-time on game development and web development. She hasn’t succeeded releasing anything outside of game jams, yet, but has been hired and has worked with companies from Mobile Developers to Game Enthusiast Conferences to provide her coding or web deign abilities for their needs.

Numerous projects have been started, but mostly got canceled due to reasons from house fires to theft of her computer. She does hope to eventually have things stay together long enough to provide the world with something fun and enjoyable. They used to be displayed in their various states of completion on this site, but after a crisis of self esteem and conscious she opted to remove them until she gets things properly released.

If you’re curious on her portfolio for web design or game development just shoot her an email at admin@femtokitten.com.

About FemtoKitten Games