A programmer with 10 years of experience making games, 2 in a professional capacity. She has worked for games for the following the platforms:

Born in 1994, and is currently bouncing around in Denver, Colorado.

She graduated from Green Mountain High School with honors in the categories of Architectural Engineering, Computer Technologies, Physiology, and Global Communications and E-Media.

Brittany Holmes: Owner and Founder

If you desire to contact her: BrittanyHolmes@femtokitten.com

“I make games for a simple reason, I want people to have fun, enjoy themselves, and think a little through play, that’s it. The first video game I ever made was to keep me and my sister entertained on a winter’s day, granted it wasn’t good or anything, but it was something.

From there I made small things, uploaded them onto a few free sites that I could put them on, but none of them were all that great. As I learned and matured I eventually started making them for school projects and friends. In the end I got an internship with an app developer and got a scholarship for my work. Sadly these days I do a lot less in the field, but I still heavily desire to engage in it again and bring fun to this world” - Brittany Holmes